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Emmie Smillie

Emmie Smillie

SMILLIE - Emmie Fifth Anniversary of our treasured daughter Emmie, died aged 34 years Sometimes we catch a glimpse in softened waves of blue Our child, our heart... when we see a smile, we can't help but think of you Sometimes we watch for answers because each day we call to you We ask for faith and courage and strength... to help us through Sometimes we ask for bravery, like dolphins in the deep Because time moves oh so slowly and sometimes the road is steep Sometimes we want to scream, this was not what we had planned Why you ever suffered, a parent can't understand Sometimes we hear your laughter and remember you at play But Emmie we will always miss you, not sometimes, but every day You are loved for the little girl you were, for the special woman you are and the precious daughter you will always be - Mum and Dad xx My beloved Emmie Remember all those happy days, those times we called our own In all those well-loved places where I now grieve alone And those small endearing gestures, which I thought I knew so well Are fading, as time passes, with her words, her kiss, her smell But then there is that moment, that time within the day When I feel she is beside me in that old familiar way But as I turn to see her smile or receive her tender touch There's only a dark shadow of the one I loved so much And tears begin to fall in that hole of deep despair And memories overwhelm me... more than my heart can bear As I remember her gentle grace and her love so soft but strong My heart will simply miss a beat as I miss her life, her song I want to rewind the clock and say how much I care I want to silence the talk that she's not there to share But I smile and chat amiably to family and friends And hope they do not notice my world is at an end - Love and miss you every day, your beloved Graeme x My beloved granddaughter In God's garden up above stands a rose I dearly love She stands with petals open wide watered by the tears I've cried Her fragrance fills my life each day, locked in my heart she will always stay - Love and miss you every day, Gran x



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