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Kenneth Ward What do Boris Johnson and Scottish football have in common when it comes to VAR? - Kenneth Ward

I’VE always hated false equivalences. They were a redoubtable tool in the armoury of my teachers and parents (both terms attributable to my own mother) to make round-holed arguments work against their square-pegged little interlocutors. As quasi-toddler, four-to-five-year-old scholars, we’ve all followed, blindly, our peers into committing some heinous act of hooliganism such as emptying the sand pit onto the playground and, when confronted by the pulsing temple of our primary one teacher, r

PREMIUM Rangers board ought to realise price for betraying family loyalty - Kenneth Ward

IT seems that all football clubs these days label themselves as a “family”. It’s an appropriate term in many ways, because despite having an unbreakable bond, no one can annoy us more than our own kin. We all have that special someone who can set the family home on edge, who spoils trips away together, and whose constant moaning we outwardly appease just to avoid pointless and endemic internal squabbles. Alas, such is the life of a supporter of any football club.

KENNETH WARD Supporters can play active role in rooting out toxic culture

DON'T **** With Cats. You may have seen the disturbing Netflix true-crime docuseries. After a series of videos posted from 2010 on the internet showed cats being tormented and killed, a group of online animal activists mobilised to find perpetrator Luka Magnotta and bring him to justice. The Canadian native was later, in 2014, convicted of murdering Chinese international student Lin Jun in May, 2012. After years of hunting by the amateur sleuths, police apprehended Magnotta within 11 days of the