EDWYN Collins knows a thing or two about the music business.

The Scots musician has enjoyed success at the top of the charts, but it is in the world of independent record labels that he is most happy.

His own indie label AED (Analogue Enhanced Digital) is thriving, thanks in no small part to Edwyn's latest solo album, Understated, and the upcoming album from Aztec Camera star Roddy Frame - his first release since 2006.

And on Saturday, Glasgow's famous Barras Market will host an unusual event aimed at celebrating the world of independent record labels and shops.

As well as manning the AED stall at 'Independent Label Market Glasgow', Edwyn, 54, will be performing a DJ set.

Also DJing on the day will be members of Glasgow indie heroes Belle & Sebastian, JD Twitch from club Optimo and acts from Rubadub and Numbers.

Edwyn and his wife and manager, Grace Maxwell, spoke to the Evening Times about Saturday's event and about the state of the music business.

And according to the man who penned the classic A Girl Like You, things aren't as bad as the doom merchants make out.

"The Independent Label Market is a brilliant thing," says Edwyn.

"We've been involved in a few of them in London but this is the first one they've ever held in Scotland.

"It will give us the chance to meet people from Scottish indie labels and I'm looking forward to that.

"The music business has become more hands on and enclosed, which is a good thing if you ask us.

"My DJ set will be fun too. It will include northern soul, disco and indie music."

For an example of how the business is becoming more enclosed, you need only look at Edwyn's AED label.

It has its own studio, which will be relocated from London to Helmsdale in the Highlands next year.

The residential studio will mean AED's acts can live their while they record, with their work then being released by AED and sold online, in indie record shops and at events such as the Independent Label Market.

The indie labels stole a march on their slower-moving major label rivals by embracing new technology in a way that is less about profit and more about choice.

Understated is available in a variety of formats, with the vinyl version - that's right, a real record - costing more than the digital downloads.

For £15, you get the vinyl in its glorious packaging, plus a CD and a digital download.

Grace said: "The vinyl is the premium product and if you're buying that, you are entitled to have a CD of the album and digital version with it.

"It's only fair.

"Indie labels can operate in a way that allows us to do things in smaller numbers, keeping costs down by using our imagination and offering something different.

"We do a lot of it ourselves.

"A few of us do the lugging around of merchandise and Edwyn is the artist."

They both laugh, and Edwyn replies: "Steady on Grace, I've had a stroke."

Edwyn suffered two near fatal cerebral haemorrhages in 2005 that left him able to say only a few phrases.

Through rehabilitation he recovered and regained full speech and, if Understated is anything to go by, certainly hadn't lost a drop of his songwriting magic.

His musical credentials have led to him working with all manner of indie greats - including The Cribs, Franz Ferdinand, Johnny Marr and The Magic Numbers.

Grace says: "Edwyn's always been cool and had this reputation for producing his own art.

"And our artists at AED are good at doing things for themselves. It's what makes indie labels work."

The Barras is also, of course, a world famous gig venue, but incredibly Edwyn has never played there.

He did buy his first guitar and amp from the legendary pawn shop The Mad Buyer near the Barras though, and is looking forward to DJing on Saturday.

He will be joined by Optimo star JD Twitch.

As well as running and playing at the popular club night, Twitch owns record label Optimo Music.

Twitch says: "I run the label in isolation so it will be great to see how other people in Scotland are doing things on their labels.

"And it will be great having the independent record stores there too.

"We are lucky in Glasgow that we have a network of independent stores because a lot of cities have none at all.

"I'll be playing music exclusively from bands signed to Optimo Music on Saturday."

The heads of the labels will be manning the booths, selling their own products including new items, catalogue items and rarities at what promises to be a unique event for music fans.

There will also be gourmet street food available from Smoak and Fire in Babylon.

The event starts at 10am and runs until 6pm at the Barras Art & Design Centre, in Calton Entry.