A YOUNG Glasgow filmmaker is enjoying continued success with his work this weekend at film festivals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chris Quick's The Greyness of Autumn was made two years ago and did the rounds of festivals last year.

The short comedy made with puppets about an ostrich living in Scotland continues to be screened and could possibly pick up an award tomorrow at London's Portobello Film Festival, which is recognised by Bafta Scotland.

The film tells the story of Danny McGuire, voiced by former Scottish Thai kickboxing champion Duncan Airlie James. Danny's life is suddenly turned upside down when he loses his job and his girlfriend in the same day. As Danny struggles to reinvent himself in a society that treat him as a second class citizen, he questions whether there is much point living in a world that will never see past the feathers.

"I really don't know why it keeps going," says 26-year-old Chris of Jordanhill, who runs Quick Off the Mark Productions.

The film won the Best British Film of the Month Award (British Filmmakers Alliance) in April 2013, has now been selected to appear in the Portobello festival, in London.

The day before it will be screened at the Southern Colorado Film Festival in the US, almost a year after its first screening in Ohio.