FOR a long time Clean Bandit had been building a reputation as ones to watch.

Then, 12 months ago, they finally hit the big time with their smash hit Rather Be.

The song exceeded all expectations, topping the charts in 17 different countries and selling more than five million copies worldwide.

On Youtube, the song has raked in more than 200 million views and at this year's Grammys the band won the band the award for Best Dance Recording.

After the success of 2014, Clean Bandit now plans to tour the UK next month, with a visit to Glasgow's O2 Academy on

March 10.

Speaking ahead of the show, Clean Bandit's violinist Neil Amin-Smith says the track has completely changed the lives of the four members of the band.

He said: "After Rather Be came out so much has changed for us, we have become so busy and have been touring all the time, including a month-long tour in America.

"We also got to play all the festivals that we all wanted to play at, it's been incredible.

"I don't think anyone could have predicted the way it went."

Neil says the band cannot wait to hit the road next month and is very excited about coming back to Glasgow while on tour.

He said: "We always have such amazing gigs in Scotland, particularly in Glasgow. The crowds have always been so great and so intense."

Clean Bandit was formed in 2009 while the members were all studying at Cambridge University.

Lifelong friends Neil and the band's cello player Grace Chatto were part of a string quartet at

the university.

Clean Bandit's producer and keyboard player Jack Patterson, who was also Grace's boyfriend at the time, recorded and remixed their performances adding drum beats and other electronic elements to their music.

After listening to and liking what Patterson was able to produce, they decided to take Clean Bandit forward with Jack's brother Luke later joining the band as their drummer.

Clean Bandit's style has been influenced by several things including EDM, classical and garage music.

The band do not have a lead singer, instead they bring in a number of different vocalists to help work on each of their tracks.

Neil said: "It gives us a lot of freedom because we have such a different variety of voices on each of our tracks and it gives us scope to do so much more.

"Some tracks we have written in collaboration with guest vocalists, or sometimes we already have a song written and just need a vocalist to sing the lyrics, which was the case for Rather Be."

For their top five debut album New Eyes, which came out in May of last year, they collaborated with Rae Morris, Sharna Bass and Jess Glynne.

Neil revealed he would like to have the chance to work with Channel Orange singer Frank Ocean and superstar Beyoncé.

He said: "Beyoncé is just an incredible singer and Frank Ocean is also an amazing singer who happens to write incredible songs as well."

Last week, the band flew out to LA to attend the 57th annual Grammy awards.

Neil said: "The Grammys was such an amazing thing to go to. We went to the Brits last year, but the Grammys are on a completely different scale.

"It was quite an amazing thing to be part of."

Clean bandit was not the only UK act to pick up a famous Gramophone trophy.

Sam Smith won four awards at the event, including the prize for Record of the Year and Best Vocal Album.

Many other British artists were nominated for awards at the event including Disclosure, Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran.

Speaking about the new British music invasion in the States, Neil said: "It's just a great time for British music in America."

Neil revealed the band has a very busy couple of months ahead of them, but says they don't plan to stop anytime soon.

He said: "After the UK tour, we are off to the US for about two months doing shows there.

"When we come back to the UK we will be in the studio for about a month working on new songs, before playing a lot of festivals during the summer.

"After the festival circuit is complete, we will be back in the studio once again."

lClean Bandit, O2 Academy, March 10, £21, 7pm