Detroit hip-hop artist Danny Brown, real name Daniel Dewan Sewel, dropped the mic and stormed off halfway through his set after an apparently 'drunk' man in the crowd threw a water bottle onstage.

The culprit - said to be white, male and in his early to mid-twenties - was apparently grabbed and thrown out by security at the Studio Warehouse venue in Glasgow's west end.

But the damage was already done, as the 34 year old rapper had reportedly said that he "would never play Glasgow again" after he left the set.



Fans were left furious after the incident - with some arguing that 'it was only water' and that he should have came back on stage.

But others took to social media to shame the man throwing it for ruining a sold-out show attended by around 700 people.

One gig goer, who did not want to be named, said: "Danny Brown can rap about drugs and guns, but he can't take a pint of water? The guy who threw it was an idiot, but Danny Brown was such a letdown for that."

Another fan defended Brown, saying: "I probably wouldn't have taken it either. The p**** who done [sic] it will feel awful knowing he ruined everyone's night. I've been looking forward to this for months. Danny Brown always puts on an insane show, but we didn't get to experience it thanks to that guy."

Brown was performing in the Red Bull Music Academy Tour, a month long programme of gigs, club nights, radio shows and workshops at SWG3 in collaboration with beatmakers Astral Black.

The rapper was on the bill alongside grime artists Novelist, Mumdance and Riko Dan.

He had already performed songs Express Yourself, Blueberry Pills and I Will, and was in the middle of an acapella when the pint of water was launched at him - but was said to be on great form up until the incident.






Here are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.