Veteran movie star Burt Reynolds has revealed he has never seen his acclaimed 1997 movie, Boogie Nights.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, the American actor opened up about his turbulent life in Hollywood and his fall in status.

“I went from number one to number 85, I think, in one year. 85 is a nice number but it wasn’t good,” he admitted.

Hollywood star Burt Reynolds Hollywood star Burt Reynolds (Frank Micelotta/Invision)


“I needed a good film badly at that time. So I did a film that got a lot of attention, but it was about a subject matter that I have trouble with which is pornography.”

Hailed by critics, Boogie Nights starred Mark Wahlberg as a bus boy who was spotted by veteran porn director Jack Horner (played by Burt).

He renamed the youngster Dirk Diggler and made him a star of adult cinema.

“I didn’t think it was something my mother would go to,” the 79-year-old told host Jonathan.

“I felt the film was well written and the director (Paul Thomas Anderson), I didn’t get along with much. But I did the best I could.”

He continued: “I didn’t think it was good subject matter for me, but I’d made a whole bunch of films that were a lot of fun, you know? This wasn’t a fun picture.”

(Barry Brecheisen/Invision/PA)(Barry Brecheisen/Invision)


Burt elaborated further, going on to talk about the people in the adult industry who inspired the movie.

“It was good if you were a deviant… I don’t think it makes them out to be what they are which is a bunch of very sad people. And it’s over for them when their career is over.”

The Smokey And The Bandit star scored his only Oscar nomination to date for Boogie Nights.


He took home a Golden Globe for his supporting role, but he has never seen the finished movie.

“You should go and see that film,” Jonathan insisted. “You might change your mind. I think you might genuinely. You’re not convinced are you?”

To which Burt replied, “No.”

Simon Pegg in 2009 (Simon Pegg in 2009 (Matt Sayles/AP)


He also admitted turning down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars, saying he was not a big fan of science fiction.

This week’s Jonathan Ross Show also features Simon Pegg talking about Tom Cruise and being “bi-Starrial”.

The actor – who has appeared in and worked across both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises – was asked for his preference.


“I am bi-Starrial,” he said. “It’s a choice I don’t want to make,” he replied. But when pushed, he gave an answer.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin joined the sofa to talk about his new music, his collaboration with Beyonce and his relationship with former wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Oscar-winning actress penned some words for Coldplay’s new single, Everglow.


“I’m very, very grateful and we have these two incredible children and it’s been a strange and amazing path, but I’m so grateful to be right here, right now,” Chris said.

The award-winning singer-songwriter also paid tribute to Beyonce.

Chris Martin on stage Chris Martin on stage (Mark Runnacles/PA)


“I know her as a friend and she’s an absolutely lovely person – and when she comes in the studio, you’re suddenly reminded of ‘Oh that’s why she is who she is’.”

He described the experience as “amazing”.

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