Masterchef isn’t really, well, Masterchef unless someone is cooking up a dish no one else has ever heard of.

And the opening episode that saw judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace return to the BBC show was no different.

Masterchef.(Shine TV/BBC)

Nope we aren’t talking about fancy foams, mind-blowing raviolis or too-good-to-eat chocolate sculpture desserts. It was “Indian sushi” that had the viewers stumped.

And people weren’t quite sure what the end result would look like. After all, sushi is all about raw ingredients and delicate flavours, while Indian food is generally well-cooked and with a fair amount of spices.

BBC's Masterchef.(Masterchef/BBC screengrab)

In fact, people thought this would be the end of altitude trainer Chris, the man who served up such a daring dish.

BBC's Masterchef.(Masterchef/BBC screengrab)

Even cultural appropriation was being brought into the debate…

However, some were intrigued…

BBC's Masterchef.(Masterchef/BBC screengrab)

But what would the judges make of this surprising plate of food that consisted of tandoori chicken rolls, tempura prawns, stuffed curried kalamari, tuna cumin rolls and two dipping sauces?

Much to everybody’s surprise, it was a massive thumbs up from both Gregg and John – with the Aussie judge saying that the only thing he didn’t like was the rice which he thought “wasn’t seasoned at all” but other than that, everything else was “ace”.

Gregg said he wasn’t sure about the curry-flavoured tuna but was on board with everything else on that fancy bamboo plate.

While the judges loved this strange-sounding dish, Twitter wasn’t so keen.

BBC's Masterchef.(Masterchef/BBC screengrab)

In fact, John was so impressed, he went as far as to say someone could be opening a restaurant and serving Indian sushi.

But this guy didn’t agree.

However the dish did look beautifully presented and, in the end, Chris managed get some supporters.

BBC's Masterchef.(Masterchef/BBC screengrab)

And guess what, he made it through to the quarter finals.