He's known for his insightful indie pop offerings but former Race Horses frontman Meilyr Jones has revealed a rather different inspiration for his debut album.

The Welsh musician says his new record, 2013, has been heavily influenced by some of history's most influential poets, including none other than Robert Burns.

"The album was inspired by Shelly, Keats, Byron, Robert Burns, and a lot of sculpture", Meilyr says. "Kate Bush, or some of the feeling in her music, too as well as Berlioz."

Beyond the Scottish Bard, the album, which was recorded in Rome, has also taken inspiration from changes in Meilyr's life, tracking the singer songwriter's escapades in 2013, the year following his split from the Race Horses.

Meilyr says that he originally had no plans to turn his new tracks into a record, however, after a trip to Rome, he decided to pull his compositions together into a solo collection.

The beautiful album showcases the first songs he wrote as a solo artist and it's clear that his surroundings and the seasons have played a big part in the end product.

"It has been fun, and varied", he says. "A real challenge.

"I was in Rome for the start, the music that came through me there was light and carefree. On returning home and approaching winter, it took a heavier feeling. It changed according to the season and mood of my surroundings, which varied throughout the year.

"I chose 2013 as it was the first year of being on my own, and that's when I started writing without a band. Also it felt nice as I am born on January 1, to have a year to start and end with."

However, despite embarking on a new musical path by himself, Meilyr's old band mates were there to give him a helping hand as he took his first steps as a solo artist.

"Daniel from the band played percussion and drums on the record with me", Meilyr says. "And Gwion, who played drums in Race Horses, plays live with me. We are good friends."

The record is incredibly personal, providing a musical diary full of upbeat indie pop and emotional ballads that follow Meilyr's transformation into a solo artist.

It's not a path that Meilyr had intended to follow from the outset.

"It just happened that way", he says. "I wanted to put every different angle and show all different and various sides of myself, and my different interests. On one hand I am the observer, hearing sounds, on the other, I am part of the group playing, then those songs come from me. There's a feeling of a shifting voice."

It also incorporates every day sounds such as bird song to give it a grounding in reality, something that Meilyr says was crucial to give it a natural, honest feel.

"It was important to me as it was a way of grounding the piece", he says. "And giving a freeness and a perspective, like the feeling of going outside and feeling fresh air and the wildness of the world when you have been stuck in your thoughts."

The new album even has a nod to Glasgow in it, with Glad Cafe, a community choir based in the city, making a guest appearance.

Meilyr says he fell in love with the group the moment he heard them and knew he had to have them on the album.

"I loved what I heard and they seemed like a really nice and varied group of people, with a really interesting and vital attitude to music", says Meilyr. "They were doing things as varied as Home Alone and Purcell, which very much chimed with my way of working.

"I was surprised in the best way possible, and they exceeded all my expectations in terms of their feeling as a group, musicality and warmth.

"I have really good friends in the choir, and love going to Glasgow to do things with them. They sang live with me at a gig, and I hope we will work together again soon."

Meilyr is now preparing to perform his new solo material at a gig in Glasgow's King Tut's on Tuesday, May 3 and he promises fans are in for a treat.

"Fans can expect surprises", he says. "Glasgow is the best city, I love it, great people.

"The last time I played there I had a five minute conversation with a man in the crowd about football. I'm really looking forward to it."

Meilyr Jones will play King Tut's on Tuesday, May 3.