Viewers were rooting for a little boy who dreams of ‘just’ working for Microsoft after he appeared on a behind-the-scenes kids talent agency show.

Eleven-year-old Vlad loves computers, and isn’t terrible at singing, so step-dad Julian took him along to Bizzykidz, the talent agency for kids with stars in their eyes – and their equally ambitious parents.

He was just one of several kids filmed as part of Channel 4′s The Tiny Tots Talent Agency series, which gives viewers a glimpse of the world of children’s talent.

It’s fair to say Vlad didn’t appear to be particularly enthusiastic about performing.

Vlad prepares to sing (screenshot/Channel 4)(screenshot/Channel 4)

Even his step-dad’s dubious warm up routine didn’t convince him, meaning he had to be literally led by the hand to the piano.

Vlad and his step-dad warming up (screenshot/Channel 4)(screenshot/Channel 4)

Poor Vlad.

Vlad (Screenshot/Channel 4)(Screenshot/Channel 4)

Asked which job he would choose if he was offered one at Microsoft, or one as a singer, he chose the former.

Even the agency could tell his heart wasn’t in it, acknowledging Vlad was most relaxed when sitting down chatting about Bill Gates’ empire.

Vlad and Debbie chat about his future (screenshot/Channel 4)(screenshot/Channel 4)

And viewers agreed.

Recognising Vlad might not be 100% on board with the singing lark, Julian wisely took a step back, telling viewers: “I’ve learned I am going to let Vlad decide to do exactly what he wants to do… Whatever he wants to do is fine with us.”

The failed bid for stardom was nicely rounded off with a pearl of wisdom from the future Bill Gates himself, who recognises that just because he and his step-dad like different things, “it doesn’t mean that we can’t get along with each other.”

Vlad and Julian (Screenshot/Channel 4)(Screenshot/Channel 4)

If only everyone could adopt this visionary’s inclusive world-view.

Go Vlad!