SCOTTISH singer-songwriter David Luximon-Herbert has kicked off the New Year with a fresh hot track.

Released under pseudonym Vive La Rose, single Rio Grande captivates with its tender strings alonside Luximon-Herbert’s grit-filled vocal.

Luximon-Herbert told the Evening Times: “If pushed, it’s probably the most uplifting and joyful track on the album.

“It’s quite widescreen and cinematic, though underneath it's a pretty intimate tale of a couple who crave to go off and see the world and have a life of adventure, but feel tied to their home life.

“There is an undercurrent of longing or a sadness to it, that feeling or fear that you could or should be doing something else with your life. Not necessarily something better, but something different, and trying not to let that hold you back.”

Glasgow Times:

The track is taken from Vive La Rose’s forthcoming album, For She Who Hangs The Moon, which is out later this year.

Luximon-Herbert added: “This song feels like a bit of a musical statement for me, just trying to be a bit more ambitious in terms of scale and scope.

“From an arrangement perspective, it's probably the most complex thing I've done. It was written with strings in mind from the beginning.

“Colin Elliot, who has arranged strings for and produced some of my favourite albums such as Coles Corner by Richard  Hawley, was my dream first choice. I had never met him and very hopefully sent him an email, and he graciously agreed to work on it.

“His work on this, and the other two tracks he worked on for the album, is gorgeous and sounds effortless. The strings were recorded with the Up North Orchestra, which was a delight to be a part of on the day.”

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