SHE might have put a Celtic tattoo on her Rangers-loving ex live on MTV, but Victoria Obahor has no regrets.

Victoria, who has put up with Brian Matthews’ womanising ways over the years says she’s not intimidated by the online hate she’s received since pulling the stunt in Just Tattoo of Us.

She told me: “I think two fingers up to lot of them who think it was evil. It’s not them who went through it. It’s me.

“It’s heartbreaking that Brian cares more about the tattoo than me because I thought he was in love with me and he’s not.”

Victoria, who claims the tattoo was ‘her revenge for what he got up to that night with Jane Park and countless others, added that she’s now staying at her mum’s.

However, she told me she is still in touch with Brian to keep things as amicable as

can be.

What’s the bet they’ll be back on by Christmas?

Ed’s love for Scotland

ED Byrne claims his first child was conceived in Scotland and that he almost called it Ballachulish in memory of the occasion.

Ed, who used to study at Strathclyde University and was at the Forth Awards, said: “Scotland means everything to me. I began my career as a stand up here, met my wife here and my first child was conceived here. His name is Cosmo, not Scotland, but Cosmo, which was the name of the first ever Scottish Archbishop of Canterbury, just by coincidence of course. We liked the name.

“We thought we could name him after the place where he was conceived, but Ballachulish just doesn’t have a ring to it. It’s a genuine place up near Glencoe.”

Ed popped in to say hello to Amy Macdonald at the event because he told me “we have a mutual friend”. He added: “She said hello and was a very polite woman.”

He continued: “I’m writing my next show in little rooms above or below pubs with pieces of paper on hand trying out new stuff, some of which works, some of which doesn’t.

“It’s the very exciting, very dispiriting occasionally quite scary part of the writing process. I’m getting the next show ready, which I’ll then premiere at Ed Fringe in August 2019.”

Capaldi clan

DR Who’s Peter Capaldi was floating about the Merchant City for family member Tony Capaldi’s birthday party this week.

The former timelord looked relaxed as he partied with friends and posed for photos in Bar Square with some gate crashers as well as those invited.

Craig Murphy, who was at the bash, told pals online: “Having a pint with Malcolm Tucker, the doctor, Peter Capaldi. Normal Friday night.”

Talking of Capaldis, I asked singer Lewis Capaldi if he fancied swapping roles with his long-lost acting relative when I met him at the Forth awards in Edinburgh.

He told me: “Peter is my father’s cousin or something and came to the London show last year. If there is a frustrated rock star in him, there is a frustrated actor in me waiting to get out, if he is up for it.”

Lewis says he might have Niall Horan’s number on speed dial but he doesn’t like to bother him too much.

Lewis, who supported Niall at his Glasgow show, told me: “I’d definitely like to do something with Niall Horan at some point because we’d be good together. Paolo Nutini is always cool too.”

Lewis admitted his life has been ‘insane’ of late after touring with Sam Smith, and his sold out gig at the Barrowland.

He said: “Never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d get to do these arena tours and sell out the Barras and London gigs. It’s been pretty mental.”