Jimmy Carr has attempted to replicate a dance made famous by London music group NSG.

The comedian has taken part in filming for The Big Narstie Show and bravely attempted to master viral dance moves popularised by the east London group.

Rigidly dancing to the NSG track Options, Carr was filmed attempting to get to grips with the subtle afro-swing beat.

Big Narstie watched on as Carr was talked through the dance moves by members of NSG, who, along with the audience, could not contain their laughter at his efforts.

He still managed to earn an ovation for his spirited but unconvincing moves.

The audience could not contain their laughter. (The Big Narstie Show/Channel4)

Carr has joined many imitators who have posted video of their attempts at the relatively simple dance online.

The comedian joins presenter Maya Jama, comedy actor David Mitchell, and the music group NSG on The Big Narstie Show on Channel 4 at 11.05pm.