Romesh Ranganathan has said he is thrilled his mother will appear on his new topical comedy show – but joked that she is getting so keen on TV she would “step over my dead body” for her own cooking programme.

The comedian’s new BBC Two show takes a humorous look at the week’s biggest talking points from the news, the country and the internet, and sees him consulting with his very own focus group, The Ranganation.

The 25 members represent a cross-section of modern Britain, including the star’s mum Shanthi, who has stolen the show when she has appeared alongside him on television before.

“It’s great, the honest truth is that it is great having my mum there,” Ranganathan said.

But he joked: “Does it grate slightly when people go on about how naturally funny she is? Yes it does.

“Is it annoying that she has more time in hair, makeup and wardrobe than I do? Yes it’s annoying.

“But she loves it, she loves getting recognised and I’m happy for her to be successful. Up to a point.”

Ranganathan continued: “We did an interview the other day and she was saying she doesn’t want to ever do anything without me but I believe that’s a lie.

“She would step over my dead body to get a cookery show, I can tell you that for nothing.”

The host will also be joined by other comedians and expert guests on his show every week.

He said other people he would like to join The Ranganation include Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Luther star Idris Elba.

“I think he’s got interesting things to say, he’s a good-looking guy and now he has got married it’s safe for me to be on a thing with him and not be annoyed that my wife is drooling over him,” he said.

“My mum fancies the pants off of him but is also very highly moral, so it would be quite nice watching her internal struggle with the fact she is absolutely obsessed with him but also respects the sanctity of marriage.”

The Ranganation starts on Sunday May 19 at 9pm on BBC Two.