THE official RuPaul’s Drag Race world tour, Werq the World, finally hit Glasgow with an all-new production for 2019.

If you’re not already familiar with the show, you’re best to leave this page right now. If you are, keep reading.

Mission leader Asia O'Hara, we’re told, will be taking voyagers - i.e. we, the audience - on a journey to save the universe with the help of her intergalactic queens, including Aquaria, Detox, Kameron Michaels, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, Monét X Change and Violet Chachki.

Michelle Visage has been accompanying the girls on the tour as mission leader, but Asia informs us she will be taking over as Michelle jets back to the U.S for the much-anticipated finale of season 11. I’m dubious as to whether Asia will be up for the task as host and feel disappointed at not seeing the original host as planned.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

Asia has the crowd roaring with laughter as she jumps off the stage to look for volunteers to come up and take part in some tomfoolery. She heads towards the back of the auditorium and bellows: “Oh, y’all in the cheap seats up here! If you’re a child, here with your mama, your mama’s cheap!” God bless Asia and her cutting one-liners. Would Michelle have had a similar way of hosting? Probably not.

Kameron Michaels, surprisingly, gets the biggest reaction from the crowd as the audience goes wild. Her set is the most energetic, with fast-paced choreography. However, the lights behind her on the “spaceship” flash so brightly throughout that it’s difficult to watch and concentrate and this lets her section of the show down.

Violet Chachki comes down from the ceiling on penis-shaped ariel equipment and leaves the audience dizzy with her feat of circus and acrobatic magic, complete with that teeny tiny 18-inch waist that leaves that audience gasping for more.

Naomi Smalls disappears into the background against her other, more stronger, counterparts. But there’s no denying she’s a gorgeous queen, easy on the eye. Monét X Change keeps it real and that famous sponge makes an appearance, while the towering Detox keeps the crowd at the edge of its collective seat. And Aquaria, like Violet, has the crowd roaring with some gravity-defying stunts.

But it’s Kim-Chi who emerges as one of the night’s top queens. Painted for days, she pours her heart into a version of Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me.” The audience is fooled into thinking the non-dancer will belt out the emotive tune while stuck on one spot. We couldn’t be more wrong. Her massive dress is ripped away as back-up dancers emerge from underneath it to bring the song to a burning end as the crowd is left gagging.

Although there seems to be no concrete plot to the show, it’s still the biggest, most elaborate production Voss Events has ever created, and Glasgow’s senses have been left completely and utterly assaulted with pounding music, a futuristic set, OTT fashion, jaw-dropping choreography and lights flashing so brightly that the crowd is left seeing orbs floating through the air. If you missed out on the night, it really is a shame for you. It’s a show unlike anything Glasgow has seen in a while.