Roisin Murphy has said she would never marry her partner because she was “averse to contracts”.

The Irish singer said her producer partner Sebastiano Properzi fell in love with her immediately, after they shared studio time together.

Murphy has said that despite their long-standing relationship she would never contemplate marriage.

The singer spoke on the Table Manners podcast to fellow singer Jessie Ware.

She said: “I met him in the studio, he’s a producer. That’s how I met him, working with him.

“Apparently he had fallen in love with me.  When I’d left the studio, he said to everyone, ‘I want to marry her’.

“They wouldn’t let him send me flowers, they said he’d look like an idiot.”

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She continued: “I wouldn’t get married. Even if he was dipped in gold, I wouldn’t marry him.

“To sign a piece of paper and say ‘yeah, I’m yours, take me’, it’s like a contract, why do I need to have a contract with him?

“I’m a bit averse to contracts.”

Murphy began her career with the duo Moloko, before moving into solo work.

She said the freedom of working alone made the creative process far easier.

“It’s exhausting dealing with creative people that are doing stuff for you that you don’t like, or that you feel you can change or tweak or whatever,” Murphy said.

“Sometimes it can be very difficult dealing with other egos.”

The full discussion with Murphy can be heard on the Table Manners podcast.