Roxanne Pallett has revealed she considered taking her own life after her scandalous behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother.

Her false on-air allegations that she had been hit by housemate Ryan Thomas generated thousands of complaints, and a wave of personal criticism.

Pallett said she does not like the person she used to be and understands the anger directed against her.

Jeremy Vine Show – London
Ryan Thomas was accused of punching his Celebrity Big Brother housemate (Yui Mok/PA)

The actress and TV personality said that amid the media storm over her actions she considered ending her own life.

Asked by Jeremy Vine on his self-titled show whether she thought about suicide, she said: “Yes.”

Talking of the media reaction to her accusations, she told the host: “It was right that I got that. I chose to go on that show, I put myself out there and I made a mistake in the public eye. I understand why everybody felt the way they did.

“I was on the wrong path. I was a person that I didn’t even like.

“I don’t blame anybody for saying what they felt. That was the person I was showing everybody. I didn’t like who I was.”

Pallett said that, looking back on footage of the incident, she does not recognise the person she was.

She added: “I’ve educated myself as to why I felt that way, to make sure it never happens again.

“I never want to feel like that, I never want to be that person again, I never want to react to a situation like that.”

Pallett quickly apologised for her accusations on Celebrity Big Brother last year, and confessed that she had completely misread the situation.