They were one of the bands that Scott Hutchison approached in 2017 for an anniversary album.

In the run-up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Frightened Rabbit’s debut album, The Midnight Organ Fight, the band decided to commission their favourite artists to cover the tracks from the song.

“Scott phoned me up, and said that we could chose any song from the album to cover,” frontman Paul Murphy told The Evening Times.

“I mean, he said that we could cover any song – but he said he would really like it if we picked that one.

“I think it was a nice way of saying, ‘I really want you guys to do this song...”

And so it was. One of Scotts’s favourite bands was covering one of the band’s favourite songs – one that has another version, by Piano Bar Fight.

It’s a real testament to how well and how intimately Scott knew the bands sound, and how good the cover would sound from those different hands at work on it.

When Scott died in 2018 by suicide at South Queensferry, Scotland was shook, and so too were the members of Wintersleep.

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“I can’t listen to the original album, now,” says Paul.

And a year on, it serves to make it all the more poignant that on Tuesday the band will be playing in Glasgow’s Nice N Sleazy’s in one of their first Scottish appearances since recording for Tiny Changes.

“We are thinking that we probably will play the cover of ‘The Twist’ at the gig.

“We initially weren’t too sure about it... I don’t know, it just felt... weird.

“But I think that we will play it at the gig.

“It will be a crowd that will for certain know it, at least. I can’t imagine playing it to anyone better.”

Wintersleep, the Canadian folk-rock band that first captured the heart of Scott Hutchison, are touring the release of their seventh full length album In The Land Of, which was released in March.

In this record, the band are mostly concerned with geography – something that will certainly come to mind during a UK and European tour.

In the album, the band understand that their surroundings are not things essential or concrete, but constructed in relation to us.

“It was a cool record to make, man” said Paul.

“We’ve just got to the venue in Munich. Our first show was last night, in Zurich. We’re just eating into the tour – last night was great.

“There’s about 15 dates – we only have one day off a week, so it might be a little tiring,” Paul laughs.

“We’re particularly excited to come to Scotland, to see our fans here.”

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Ah, I say, you say that to everyone.

“In seriousness, though. We’ve played Glasgow a bunch of times, in the Barrowland with Frightened Rabbit and other people, in King Tut’s as well.

“Those guys are great. They’re like our brothers.”

I ask if this gives them a deeper connection to Scotland, more of a claim to play here than any other folk or rock band hailing from Canada.

“We do definitely have a connection to the city, but we’ve always had a connection with Scotland.

“The first and only producer we’ve had, Tony Duggan, is Scottish. We’ve recorded at Mogwai’s studio before, there’s a great scene there.

“The venue last night in Zurich had a huge poster for The Twilight Sad – even that far away it’s there.

“We’re looking definitely looking forward to playing Glasgow, seeing our friends from the place.”

Wintersleep have been winning recently at the music game.

Their 6th album The Great Detachment saw its lead single, ‘Amerika’, spend 11 weeks atop Canada’s top rock radio charts, winning them an Indie Award for Single of the Year and a JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album.

Awards aside, that cover is more a reason than any to get to Sleazy’s on Tuesday to catch Wintersleep’s set. They make the far away sound like home.