Micah Erenberg will headline the Hug and Pint next Wednesday after releasing new EP 'Love is Gonna Find You Out' yesterday. 

Described by Gigwise as "Canada's Best Indie Rock Newcomer', the Minitoba based songwriter made waves filming his new music video playing an old piano in the middle of frozen Lake Winnipeg, causing a stir on the local ice fishing Facebook groups. 

Director Colin Medley said: "Micah and I shot this video twice, once at sunset, and the following day at sunrise.

“It was blisteringly cold. In between the two shoots, some ice fishers found the piano and it caused quite the buzz on some local Facebook groups, with a lot of speculation as to how it ended up in the middle of a frozen lake.

"Hopefully now that the video is out, the unsolved mystery of the piano on the lake will finally be put to rest.”

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'Love Is Gonna Find You' is the Erenberg's highly anticipated second album, where Erenberg lifts his listeners into a sphere of delicate fulfillment, painting loneliness as a universal craving for human connection over his narratives of getting sober, rain soaked mornings and searching for something bigger than ourselves.

The Glasgow date at the Hug and Pint on October 9th will kick off the UK leg of his tour, and tickets are still available to purchase online.