“I CAN’T get away from it,” Kitti laughs, when I ask her if she’s heard she sounds like Amy Winehouse.

As one of the newest and most exciting exports from the Glasgow jazz scene (and yes, there really is one) Kitti – who’s real name is Katy Doyle – will take to the famous Tenement Trail this year under a new guise.

The former St Luke’s pupil from Barrhead will play on the same stages as stars Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender this Saturday, and fittingly so – she is hotly tipped to be Glasgow’s next best thing.

“It’s been a pretty chilled out day, we’re all just getting ready for the show this weekend,” Katy told the Evening Times.

“Trying to keep it under control before the madness begins,” she laughs.

First making waves under her own name, Katy has rebranded this year and will take to the stage as Kitti.

“I went originally by Kitty for a while. When you’re looking to make waves and be original, you always end up looking up your name and there is a Norwegian screamo band called Kitty. I was like, ‘right... need to rebrand!’ so we settled with Kitti instead.

“It took us a while but it was so worth it.”

I suggest that even the smallest of changes can change the sound of something completely, but it’s not entirely small: with her new name came new graphics and a total overhaul in look.

“It was a total rebrand. I deleted all my social media and had a fresh start. The songs that I was putting out I just felt were not me. I didn’t feel that people were picking them up as much as they should have. So I started again.”

And what a game-changer. Lauded in the same category as the aforementioned Amy, Kitti brings to mind the likes of Erykah Badu and Mercury prize nominee, Nao.

“The jazz scene in Glasgow is quite hidden but its a really nice community and there’s lots of collaborative projects going on too.

“As soon as the Blue Arrow was taken over by432, jazz started on the way up in Glasgow. It’s almost like jazz is cool now,” she laughs.

Kitti will play at 3.15pm on Saturday in the East End’s Many Studios with a band accompanying. Among being excited for her own set, she says she can’t wait to hear what else Tenement Trail will have to offer this Saturday.

“Gigs like these are so good for showing off new artists that are coming to the fore.

“A few years ago and it was Lewis Capaldi playing to only a couple of hundred people – now you look at where he is, number 3 in America. It really is amazing.”