“I think you’d be a bit of a wally if you’re 30 and you’re writing the same things that you wrote about when you were 21” laughs Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure.

They may not be writing the exact same things, but they are still writing in the same way that won them legions of fans.

With six Top 20 albums already under their belts, Sheffield rock’n’roll radicals Reverend and the Makers have released the Best of Reverend & The Makers which spans the bands career so far.

Including fan favourites from their debut release Heavyweight Champion Of The World, the new album is rounded off by news songs, especially recorded for this compilation.

One of which, Elastic Fantastic, is described by Jon as “a fantasy about killing Donald Trump with a bow and arrow”.

It’s nice to see that neither time nor experience has removed that radical political streak the band have become known for.

“I’ve got kids now, and it does change your perspective on the way you discuss things in some ways.

“We’ve always been on an independent label, and I’ve always been able to do what I wanted.

“I think you should always write about where you are in your life at that moment, but not try and hold up space on the road to glory. You have to keep moving forward.

“Otherwise it screams of midlife crisis.”

It’s quite the time to be writing if political and social context will mean anything – and to Reverend and The Makers, it always does. These are a band that have written about musical silence surrounding the Iraq war, gambling, addiction, consumerism, and, of course, politics.

“I feel like we’re underdogs, and it suits us.

“NME wrote that my politics were old fashioned and outdated, because I said they didn’t put enough black people on the cover.

“When the Corbyn chant started was when I got him on stage with us. A year later, he introduced us on stage as ‘the man that changed the course of the last election’.

“I’m still here, and I’m still doing it. They can’t get rid of us. I’m long ago over the notion that Arctic Monkeys are our competitor.”

With the album comes a new headline date, which this time around is tonight in Saint Lukes.

When the band have played Glasgow previously, they’ve taken the gig outside and continued the party after hours. Will that be happening this time around?

“Who knows – we’re always had a good time in Glasgow. Glasgow and Liverpool have always been two of my favourite cities – I think it’s to do with the character. Being near the water –it must do something to you.”