Paddy McGuinness has revealed he has a database of his Take Me Out phrases.

The presenter of the ITV dating show has become known for his introductions, such as “let the hanky see the panky”.

McGuinness said that each phrase is unique and never used again on the show.

The comedian has also revealed that each comic announcement is saved on a laptop by the Take Me Out team.

McGuinness has also said of the show, returning for its 11th series, that his only stipulation is the contestants reflect real-life body shapes.

He said: “Every single phrase we’ve ever said we have stored on a laptop, as we never repeat them. A lot of the phrases in this series are themed for each episode.

“For instance, the theme for one episode is cheesy pop.

“We’ll include phrases such as, ‘Let the cheeky see the girls’ and ‘let the Venga see the boys’, that kind of thing.”

McGuinness has said there are no limitations on the wackiness of the show, and he is always keen to get involved.

But the presenter insists that real people with a range of bodies take part.

He said: “My only note is that we have to have an eclectic mix of people.

“It’s pointless having four male models and 30 female models behind the podiums, because life’s not like that.

“Everyday life is about different people from different walks of life, all different shapes and sizes and different interests.”

Take Me Out is currently due to return at the end of October.