CHRISTMAS is a time for remembering our loved ones, including those who are not with us any longer. And what better a way than to do that than by through song and dance?

That is exactly what Murray McBlane, 54, thought when he wanted to commemorate the life of his sister-in-law, Debbie McBlane, 60, who passed away in the Beatson last year.

He has written a song called 'Brucie the Bear' which has taken the west of Scotland by storm, having been performed at the Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Ayr Christmas lights switch-on by Brucie the Bear himself, and his troupe of backing dancers, the West Coast Line Dancers.

Glasgow Times:

Brucie the Bear is now making his Glasgow debut in the city centre this weekend, where he will perform his song and dance on Buchanan street to raise money for the Beatson. But there is something extra special about Brucie, as he is also inspired by a young Glasgow doctor who Murray and his family are on a mission to track down.

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"Debbie was a very special person, one in a million, very caring and gave the best to everyone in life. It devastated the family when we lost her."

"While Debbie was in the Beatson, she was cared for under a doctor called Dr. Bruce McKintloch. He uplifted all the ladies in the ward, and his care was unconditional. Debbie absolutely idolised Dr. Bruce.

Glasgow Times:

"He went out of his way to save Debbie's life, but it was too late. She was only 60 when she died."

Rather than the inspiration coming about for Brucie the Bear when Debbie was gone, Murray came up with the ditty whilst Debbie was in hospital.

"I used to take Debbie's daughter, and little Robert, her grandson, to the Beatson every single day. In the car, we would sing wee songs to Robert. I started singing about Brucie, Debbie's doctor, and Robert loves bears - it was his reaction that made us think we had something good. Of course, Debbie absolutely loved it too."

And Murray thinks that Brucie the Bear has the potential to be the song of the Christmas season.

"We put the song online and all the proceeds are going to the Beatson and Cancer research UK.

"It doesn't matter who you sing it to, everyone loves it. It is jolly and comes with a line dance that everyone can do - Debbie loved line dancing. There is no reason why it shouldn't be the Christmas number one".

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Along with raising vital funds for the hospice, Murray would love if they could get Brucie the Bear to Dr. Bruce - who is yet to hear it.

Glasgow Times:

"Dr. Bruce left for his new post on the first of August, and Debbie died at the end of that month. He knows nothing about it.

"We would love to get the news of the song to him, to know how much that he meant to Debbie. I think he would be amazed at it.

"We don't know where he is, but we would love to find him, and tell him how much he helped Debbie in her final months.

"I think if Debbie looked down and saw Dr. Bruce to meet Brucie the bear, she'd be so happy."

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