Mac DeMarco delivered his usual brand of chilled debauchery at Glasgow's O2 Academy on Sunday night, with an impressive setlist and entertaining hijinx. 

The audience were is high spirits, which was obvious even from the first song On The Level. The chilled-out vibe of the song was in stark contrast to the excitable atmosphere in the audience, which played well for the eccentrically bohemian showman.  

Decked out in a fashionably unfashionable fishing hat and dark-lensed sunglasses, Mac bobbed around the stage, swinging the microphone in his hand while he sang hits such as Salad Days and Ode to Viceroy, with help from his fans shouting the lyrics back to him. 

Endearing himself to the Glasgow audience, Mac chugged from a bottle of Buckfast in between songs as images of the city’s comedy hero Limmy flashed on the screen behind him, garnering loud cheers from the excited audience.

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At the climax of the show, a massive sing along of fan favourite Still Together was followed by a chaotic but impressive rendition of It’s Over And Done With by Scottish legends The Proclaimers, ensuring there was no doubt in fans minds that Mac thoroughly enjoys his times in Scotland every time he visits.  

His bassist even took time out before the encore to proclaim “We love Scotland. It’s just so chill the further north you go.” 

Ending the encore with a sneaky trick, with Mac announcing “We’re gonna do one we haven’t done in a while, this is Blue Boy” which was met by passionate cheers before launching into a bizarre but entertaining rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica.  

By the end, the audience were still adoring the Canadian singer-songwriter and everyone was quite obviously happy to be there for such a uniquely impressive show.