Lucia Fairful is on her way to the beach to spend some time with a horse.

"Believe it or not there will be a horse in this video, but I'm not riding the horse. I don't see a future for myself without a horse, I think it's my lucky charm now" she joked with The Glasgow Times. "I should be called the horse girl. I do love horses though, I remembered how much I loved them when I made that video."

Although Lucia's history as an equestrian is indeed interesting, it is not the primary reason for our discussion.

Lucia & The Best Boys, formerly LUCIA, released their new single 'Good Girls Do Bad Things' earlier this year and will be performing a headline show at King Tuts on the 21st of December, at Radio 1's Jack Saunders Hop Scotch night.

The video for the single saw her riding around the Barrowlands market on a horse, owning the city that she hails from.

"It symbolised power, riding around the Barrowlands. 'Good girls do bad things' is a song written for any women who feels like they have ever been undermined, or made to feel worthless and weak by a man" says Lucia.

"I find myself in these situations far too often, now more than ever, and it is important to highlight that they are the weak ones in the situation. 'Sad boys looking at me always get what they don't see' was a lyric written from experiencing and witnessing men thinking that we aren't capable or smart enough to react and defend ourselves."

It's all go for Lucia and bandmates Conor, Alasdair and Chris, originally from Glasgow's west end, who in the past 18 months has played hundreds of live dates and festivals in the UK and in America.

Their new EP is set for release in early 2020 and the band have rediscovered themselves and their confidence, as well as a new guitarist, and ushered in the new era with a new name.

"I'm feeling really good about things" said Lucia. "Before, I would restrict myself. I'm thinking out the box now, and feel more free with things."

But until then, it's home that Lucia is looking forward to playing in.

"Being from Glasgow is really important to me. I feel very lucky to be from Glasgow."