Joy Crookes is calling me from the Mulberry shop floor.

"I've just done a job, and I've got some store credit to use" she says. "I'm going to get my Mum some really nice sunglasses. She'll love it."

It's a nice nugget of information from the 20-year-old who is currently at the forefront of the UK's neo-soul scene, and who was recently shortlisted in the BBC's Sound of 2020 poll.

She has sang and spoken a lot about her family, namely her Bangladeshi mother and Irish father in songs like 'Mother May I Sleep with Danger?" and "Don't Let Me Down", and it's nice to hear it from the proverbial horses mouth.

"It's been mad. Honestly, I'm a big shocked - very shocked, actually. It's hard to get my head around and isn't something I'd expect, normally. It's a sweet shock."

"I loved doing Jools Holland, it was really nerve-wracking. The Brit nomination was mad.

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"It sounds cheesy but the reaction from my family and how proud they are has been a massive highlight.

"It's nice to buy my parents things they've wanted for a while, to be able to feed my family good when we go out to go anywhere and not just the Polish restaurant down the road. I know that sounds frivolous but family is really important to me. I think you can hear that in my music too".

Joy has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse, and having released three EP's so far, including single "Early"with fellow Irish musician Jafaris, she plans to release an album next year. Her future is sure to be a big and bright, and entirely her own. I ask her if the comparisons to Amy feel reductive at times.

"I try not to take it too seriously. If people need the comparisons to work out how I sound, it's their problem.

"I didn't ever think it was a job - one thing just led to another and it happened. It was me focusing on myself. I think when you really enjoy something you don't over think it. It's an external thing. I was young and I still am. It just happened. I'm looking forward to getting stronger in the industry."