They first made headlines when a track on their debut EP, 'Magic of Meghan', sang of Meghan Markle.

And now, Dry Cleaning are about to embark on what is assumed to be yet another sell out tour, and making a stop off at Glasgow's Hug and Pint on the way.

"It's a song that came out of quite conflicted feelings" explains lead singer, Florence Shaw.

"I was in a really long term relationship that ended, and it was a big struggle to come to terms with it, and look after my mental health and not go totally crazy.

"I was in the process of moving out my flat that I shared with my partner, and the day I went to pack out all my stuff was the day that Meghan and Harry announced their engagement.

"For some reason, I found it really comforting to absorb all the information that was out there, the pictures and interviews. We started rehearsing, and I knew the onus was on me to produce lyrics. Naturally, the song ended up being about them as well as me."

The South London quartet have been flying since their conception in 2017.

With two EP's released and two sell out shows in London and Brighton, their gig in Glasgow's Hug & Pint will be the second time they have played in the wee venue.

"It was great in there last time, and we didn't accept it to be so busy as it was the furthest we had been from home.

"The set in February will be a bit more evolved. We are in the middle of writing an album and we're hoping to play some songs from it. It's a bit more of a settled vibe, slightly more layered and epic. It's me, so its naturally more anxious" Florence laughed.

And as for the date, the band will be taking to the Glasgow stage on February 14th, the night for all the lovers out there. How does that work for a band famous for a lovelorn break-up song featuring Meghan Markle?

"Well it can be a nice one, but obviously its also a bit depressing if you're single. If there is anyone out there feeling that, they should come to the show.

"At least I can say that I quite like things that are heart shaped. Maybe i'll wear a costume?"