He may not have won the BBC Sound Poll of 2020, but he wins the hearts of every one of his listeners.

Easterhouse star Joesef, who released his first EP at the end of 2019, made the poll which collects the top 10 up-and-coming artists of the UK in their predictions for the following years big thing.

"I'm not bothered that I didn't win it because I can't believe that I even got onto it" Joesef told The Glasgow Times.

"I knew it was too early, because I don't have an album out. I don't even have a music video yet."

True though it may be, it hasn't dented his upward ascent yet.

Joesef sold out his first gig in King Tuts before he released any music - even before he knew where the venue was. Last year he won the Best Breakthrough Artist award at the Scottish Music Awards, and has been included on NME's one to watch as well as Clash Music, I-d Magazine, Huffington Post and even Apple music.

We are catching up just after his sell-out show in SWG3 on Christmas Eve.

"It was the best night of my life" Joesef says.

"I felt like everyone I knew was there, and I was a bit overwhelmed at points.

"It's such a weird thing to look out on a crowd and see people you know and people that you don't - everyone was really into it, and I was into it because of that. The nerves just fell away. I think I'll remember that night for the rest of my life."

Last year was a big one for the Easterhouse star, who writes his music on his laptop in his bedroom and who was a bartender before his music career began.

"This year I'm going to release an album, and we have a new single coming out soon as well.

"I'm going to focus on touring a lot more as well, and I think that we're going to do a European tour and maybe another one, overseas."

While catching up with himself is indeed another necessary on the horizon, the inevitable touring is something that Joesef is still getting used to.

"I don't enjoy the travelling, but I love playing the gigs. I'm the type of person that can't sleep just anywhere so I struggle a bit when we go out in the van" he laughs.

"I think back on my life before and can't believe this is my job."