January is traditionally known as a time for new resolutions and beginnings, which is why the new First Footing Festival has been such a success.

Ran by Glasgow promoters 432presents, First Footing is the newest festival to hit the city's cultural calender, taking place in Great Western Road's Hug and Pint venue.

Most nights throughout January will see some of the most exciting musical groups take to the wee-est venue in the city.

Glasgow Times:

Daniel Mutch, Festival Curator and lead Booker, said that the decision to start the showcase was due to a shortage of gigs in early January.

"We noticed a gap in the calendar for that time of year, in early January, for a number of reasons" said Daniel.

"There aren't too many touring shows going on, and so many people are away at that time of year. We thought that if we took some of the most exciting acts in the central belt, and packing them into bills where people work with each other and have an energetic show, then we can kick off the year in a really strong way. We're so lucky, because this is what we've got".

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Named after the Hogmanay tradition of 'First Footing', where the first person to step into a household from the outside in a New Year brings luck and prosperity to that household, Daniel's Festival is intended to have the same warm, familial feel.

"The old tradition is where the idea came from" added Daniel.

"We wanted the festival to have a community feel, especially in a venue like the Hug and Pint, and we wanted the bands to be able to engage with their audience, know the venue well, fill it with family and friends as well as others who may not have heard a bands' music before.

"It was always recognised that our headliners would be bands from Glasgow and Edinburgh, but since the festival has began we've widened that out to include Ireland and the rest of the UK. We took a look at some acts from the Great Western Festival, like Kubitaru, and gave them another platform.

Glasgow Times:

"The decision to do that actually came when touring acts stared getting in touch with us after they heard about the showcase, which was another nice element - that people had heard what we were doing. But we do find it important to include as many Scottish bands as we can, because we have so many amazing acts that we can showcase".

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For Daniel, First Footing is an opportunity to show others just exactly what there is on offer in the Glasgow music scene.

"The First Footing Festival is really about promoting all the bands as the one, not just the ones that are the loudest, and the ones that fall back in the limelight slightly. No band takes place over another: it's just bands who we think are doing really exciting things.

"We have a Summer Showcase which will be similar to First Footing starting in July, where we are bringing together local promoters as well as the acts to keep the community feel together. Bands can even request to perform themselves on the Hug and Pint website. I think its a really exciting time for music in the city."

Soon after First Footing Ends, Celtic Connections begins. Another year of great gigs in Glasgow is upon us.

The two last First Footing shows are:

16/01 BULL + TEOSE & Home economics - The Blue Arrow

19/01 - Amy Lou + Bui + Ninth Degree & Primes - The Blue Arrow

Tickets are available here