There has been a lot going on at the Glasgow School of Art in recent years, and it hasn't all been rosy.

And yet, amidst the two fires and liquidation of the GSA Student's Union, many students were still going about their business. One of them was musician Molly Linen, a graduate of textiles from Shropshire who will be playing this Saturday in the Hug and Pint as part of Celtic Connections.

"I graduated in the summer, and now I'm here working, which is nice. The music scene here was another reason that I decided to move to Glasgow and study here.

"The second fire happened just before my final semester, so it was a stressful start to the year, but everything was fine in the end. My studio was in the other building.

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"It was such a shame to hear about the Union as well. I used to go to so many gigs when I was studying, and played a few open mics too. I saw Cate Le Bon in there as well. It was just a nice place to hang out in too. I'll miss the £1 fries were my regular go to" laughs Molly.

Although Molly isn't originally from Glasgow, her experience as part of the student body paired with her role in the grassroots music scene has made her as much a Glaswegian as anyone else.

"There is a really strong musical community here. The people I met and the places that I played in through my music has allowed me to feel more like a resident - it would be so easy to stay in the Art School and not leave that bubble. But through making my music I've got to meet a whole new load of people and been to places that I wouldn't necessarily have been to".

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Taking to the stage this weekend, Molly will be singing a set largely comprised of her newest EP release, Outside.

For someone who has spent a majority of her time in the city, Outside is surprisingly natural.

Molly says she took much influence from her time spent at home with her family in the West Midlands.

"I grew up in a town that was really close to beautiful rolling hills, and would often go on walks. I had never lived in a city before I moved to Glasgow, and I think reminiscing on that when I wrote the songs played a major role in how they sound now. I've always been drawn to those places."

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