No matter where they are, they sound great.

Kettle of Kites have worked out a way to use the the length and breadth of the globe - from London to Italy to Australia - to produce an album that is future facing, science-fiction influenced and utterly beautiful.

"We recorded 'Arrows' all together, but the band are from Italy and live all over the place, from London to Brussels. The band existed in Scotland when I was based there, and there has been some change, but I think this is the final formation now. It's not easy to practise but it seems to work still.

"It's definitely not that easy but it still sounds good so that's what matters" laughs frontman Tom Stearn, formerly of Admiral Fallow.

‘Arrows’, the new album from Kettle of Kites is a science fiction concept album that traverses the listener through space, time and beyond. However, where one would expect the futuristic noise of aliens, they are met instead with folk music.

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"I know that people would expect it to sound different but it is still folky. We intentionally wanted to avoid making a concept album, and we wanted to avoid it sounding like space.

"There is more electronic stuff in it at certain points, but it's still folk and we thought it would be a great thing to have that juxtaposition.

"The sound you are trying to make isn't always what comes out - it can change along the way. You just have to go with it."

The record features 9 tracks of post-rock each inspired by the groundbreaking ideas of Isaac Asimov. Praised by The Scotsman for their “mix of thoughtful lyrics and cinematic instrumentation”, the album was also championed by The Big Issue who said: “Kettle of Kites look to the skies on their second album… Spindly indie rock and pastoral folk arrangements provide a sweet sounding contrast to the band’s apocalyptic warnings”.

The band are returning to Scotland for a show in the Hug & Pint, as part of Celtic Connections.

"It's a different scene here in Italy, and our music is made more for a UK space. I'm excited to be home."