Bombay Bicycle Club are back, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate a return to the stage than returning to the Barrowland Ballroom stage.

Jam-packed and with people swinging from the disco ball (not literally, but close), the band rolled back into Glasgow town with two sold out dates at the world famous venue with new album in tow, 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong'.

Reader, that album title (although contextualised by bassist Ed Nash in his exclusive for this newspaper) is misleading. If we are going by their live performances, everything seems to be going very well for Bombay Bicycle Club.

The audience was set to take a trip down memory lane as the band dived into their decade-strong back catalogue, playing cross-album hits all the way to 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose'.

Beefing up their line-up with a percussionist, two sax players and Liz Lawrence, who provided vocals on the album and has her own writing credit, the band's sound was expansive as they reeled through tracks such as 'Cancel On Me', 'Always Like This', and 'Lights Out, Words Gone'.

One thing that struck me alongside the complexity of their line-up was the balance between sound and lyric. Whilst tracks like 'Overdone' wear their influence on their sleeve - frontman Jack Steadman penned the tune while travelling through India - the simplicity and sheer beauty of his lyrics are amplified.

Ragged lines such as "you carry me", "she knows what I am but she won't believe me", and "eat, sleep, wake, nothing but you" are lodged in my mind, holding a different weight after watching Jack Steadman deliver them with such lightness and energy it was as if he was, in moments, running on the spot.

The mood was so euphoric after Bombay Bicycle Club's performance that people remained to dance to the exit music on the emptying floor.

They've been around for over ten years and they've been through numerous transformations. This reincarnation isn't a new look but a picture taken from a different angle, and it suits them.