Oran Mor will have non-gendered toilets for a Glasgow Comedy Festival gig following controversy over trans rights last week.

The iconic bar came under fire from trans activists who claim the LGB Alliance is a “trans-exclusionary” hate group because it opposes writing gender self-identification into law after hosting the groups launch event. It does not include the “T” of the common abbreviation LGBT in its name.

Comedian Sofie Hagen, who was previously unaware of the ongoing row, took to Twitter to announce solidarity with the Trans community after being unable to find another venue suitable for her gig.

She said: "It's hard to find a venue for this particular tour show in Glasgow.

"We have spoken to Oran Mor and they were more than happy to make all the toilets non-gendered for the night.

"I will find a trans rights group in Glasgow... to collect money for on the night. And if the show itself makes a profit, some of that will go towards that as well. Oran Mor was incredibly supportive of both things and have expressed a desire to be inclusive and welcoming."

A spokesperson for the Oran Mor told the Glasgow Times:

"It's no problem. If someone is performing, its no problem if that is what they're after."