NEW York’s Jessica Lynn is continuing to make her mark on the country music scene with her headline show at The Ice Box this Sunday.

The rising star, who is currently embarking on her UK and European tour of her ‘acoustic’ television special, made her mark on the US American Country Music chart earlier this year as her last single ‘Let’s Don’t broke the Top 40 chart.

Speaking to the Evening Times ahead of her show, Jessica said she was ‘so excited’ to return to play in Glasgow.

“I honestly mean it when I say that we look forward to coming to Scotland all year long”, said Jessica. “The people are so friendly and into their music.

“The first time we played two years ago I was shocked because from the first note it was a wild party in the audience.

“As a performer you enjoy that so much. I had gifts from people in the audience – some man drew portraits of me and gave them to me in frames.

“We’ve got so many friends here and it’s an incredible place with great people.”


Country singer Jessica Lynn is bubbling over for Glasgow gig

Jessica has toured extensively for the past five years, and although she has been in bands since she was 13, is a qualified special education teacher with a degree in maths.

Having endured the “heartbreak” of the industry, she wanted to have something to fall back on but luckily, has never needed to use her profession. “For me, teaching was like performing” said Jessica.

“You have to be in front of an audience, engaging people and making it okay to do what you’re doing.

“I learned so much about myself and people, and its moulded me into the person I am today. People connect with me when I’m on stage because my heart has grown a lot from my experiences.”

Indeed, Jessica has made her way in the country music scene, which she says in the last four years has had a renaissance. And he has some advice for any aspiring country artists hailing from Glasgow.

“My biggest advice would be that you only have one life, and you have to go after your dreams. If you just settle and do something that is safe you won’t properly experience life.

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“I followed my heart and I’ve experienced incredible things.

“I’ve travelled the world and gone about my dreams and it would be a shame to miss out on that. You should be smart, but never do something you don’t want to do just to be safe because you will so, so regret it.”

She will play The Ice Box in Glasgow on August 11.