Love Island viewers have said they want twins Eve and Jess Gale out of the villa after the dramatic first recoupling.

The sisters were told they could pick any of the five men to pair up with and, after a day of deliberations, Jess picked Mike Boateng and Eve went with Callum Jones.

Their decision left fan favourites Leanne Amaning and Shaughna Phillips single – and in danger of being dumped from the ITV2 competition.

And fans were not happy.

“Let’s all agree that these value twins gotta go,” posted one person on Twitter.

Another wrote: “The two couples I was rooting for and these twins ruined them both.”

“The twins are horrible!” tweeted one person.

“They think they are hot… (they aren’t) and they are happy to ruin things for the other girls.”

“The evil twins need to back up their bags and leave cos i’ve already had enough,” said another.

Leanne Amaning
Leanne Amaning (Joel Anderson/ITV)

However, others thought the sisters brought some welcome drama to the villa in Cape Town.

“Already the twins are being destructive, love it,” said one fan.

“They’ve picked the 2 most ‘popular’ guys (very early I know) but we need mayhem from the get go.”

“The twins are actually gonna cause so much drama and i’m here for it,” said another.

Love Island continues on ITV2.