Sean Batty will present a special episode of his popular documentary series.

Sean's Scotland SOS will follow the STV weatherman as he travels across the country and explores how climate change and pollution are taking their toll on the environment.

It is an hour-long special episode of Sean's Scotland, which is known for shining a light on the country's picturesque beauty. 

Sean's Scotland SOS has been commissioned as part of STV's Sustainability Week, during which it will air more programmes with a focus on climate change to raise awareness of how it is impacting communities.

Sean will explore Scotland's landscape on a more serious level, looking at coastal erosion and visiting the world’s largest colony of northern gannets to examine the impact of climate change on seabirds.

Glasgow Times:

He will also join a boat crew to help remove pollution and debris from the River Clyde.

He said: “Viewers are used to seeing me bring them the weather every evening with a smile on my face, but the truth is, the extreme weather events we’ve witnessed more frequently in recent years – both around the world and here in Scotland too – have been a cause of concern for me and everyone who cares deeply about our natural environment.

“For STV’s Sustainable Scotland Week, I wanted to get back out on the road and give viewers another tour of Scotland’s world-renowned beauty, but this time I’m also on a mission to delve deeper into the serious environmental issues facing our country.”

Bobby Hain, managing director of broadcast at STV, added: “This summer has put the ongoing effects of global climate change into sharp focus, and the recent research showing Scots use the TV for news about environmental issues more than any other source highlights the importance of STV using its position to convey accurate information to our viewers in an accessible way.”

STV Sustainability Week launches on Monday, August 21.