Filming crews have taken over a busy Glasgow Street today.

Production members and camera equipment lined Bath Street in the city centre, as filming commenced for the new BBC comedy, Dinosaur. 

The Glasgow Times previously reported that the show, which is the latest from the team behind Fleabag, will star comedy giants such as Kat Ronney, Still Game’s Greg Hemphill and Sanjeev Kohli and River City’s Sally Howitt. 

Glasgow Times:

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Created by Matilda Curtis and Ashley Storrie – who is comedian Janey Godley’s daughter – the show follows Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s, who adores her life living with her sister Evie.

However, when Evie rushes into an engagement after only six weeks and makes Nina her maid of honour, Nina grapples with what this new challenge means, leading to a surprising journey of self-discovery.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Filming crews were spotted filming inside the store Aimee Bridal at 205 Bath Street, where Storrie was spotted walking in and out. 

A dog and animal team were also on set, as well as a large quantity of equipment and costume vans. 

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Glasgow Times:

Although an air date has not been set, the show will be on BBC Three and the BBC Scotland Channel.