Two Still Game stars have revealed that fans often ignore one of them if they are spotted in public.

Sanjeev Kohli and Jane McCarry, who played Navid and Isa in the long-running BBC sitcom, admitted that when fans of the show stop them for a photo, they sometimes don't recognise Jane.

The revelation came about when the pair were guests on Go Radio with Crofty and Grado on Thursday.

Crofty suggested that they must get fans stopping them all the time. 

Sanjeev replied: "I get it more than Jane. Jane's like a Page 3 stunner, she doesn't look like Isa.

"Jane is a beautiful woman and I'm not saying Isa isn't, but you look very different from Isa.

"I mean I look different from Navid but weirdly get spotted more than you.

"We've been together where people have got Jane to take the selfie and they've no idea it's Isa that's doing it."

While Sanjeev often gets asked 'where's Mina?' in reference to his character's wife, Jane added that people often say she's taller than they expected.