A STILL Game star has said he "cried" as the series' last-ever episode was filmed. 

While talking on Pure Radio Scotland, Gavin Mitchell, who played Boaby the Barman, reflected on filming the final instalment of the beloved Scottish comedy, which came to an end in 2019. 

Mitchell, who closed the show with the line, "Well, look who it isnae", while looking into the camera, has now said having the last line felt "unusual" and "affected him more emotionally than any of the other episodes", Glasgow Live reports. 

Glasgow Times:

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Talking on the radio station recently, he said: "I think it's just because I had the final words and so it was quite a weird scene.

"Normally we're all together. When we get picked up in the morning, we get picked up in a van and we travel in together and we all did scenes in the Clansman.

"But that was a really unusual morning because I was on my own.

"I got picked up in a cab, taken down. No-one else was there. Taken into make-up and they turned me into old Boaby as it were and they walked me on set and nobody would look at me.

"Everybody kinda respectfully put their heads down and wouldn't make eye contact.

"The make-up girl came to check on me, Anne Marie, and when she was checking my wig and make-up, she just gently turned me around and I could feel her putting something in my right hand.

"And I thought 'What's that?' and I looked down and it was a tissue and she just pointed at my eyes.

"I realised I was crying and I [at the time] didn't realise it. It was bizarre. I think there was just a lot of weight in that one line. You knew it was the end."

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You can stream Still Game on BBC iPlayer.