A Taggart star has released a music video described as a 'gritty love letter' to Glasgow. 

Blythe Duff, who played Jackie Reid in the beloved crime drama series, unveiled a rendition of JJ Gilmour's Glasgow Town which she originally recorded as a gift for her husband's birthday.

After being encouraged to release it by her good friend, singer-songwriter Cammy Barnes, Blythe then teamed up with BAFTA-winning director Michael J. Ferns to embark on the project.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Blythe said: "Filming ‘Glasgow Town’ has reminded me how lucky I was to see the city from above. It’s changed over the years, but, as ever it’s heart remains.

"I can’t wait for the people of Glasgow to hear what we have sent out. With our love."

A star-studded cast features in the video, including Taggart and Still Game star Matt Costello, Shetland's Shonagh Price, and Rebus star Aidan Connell. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

As the heart of the production lies in Glasgow itself, Michael believes the video is a tribute to the city's unique character, as well as a nod to the legacy of Taggart. 

He said: “Glasgow is a truly unique setting, something which Taggart really harnessed.

"Now, with the series concluding in 2010, I sadly missed my chance to direct an episode so this is my rather unique homage, to the city, the series and more broadly, the genre."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Composer and music producer Alexander Wells joined forces with the duo to 'transform' the love song into what they describe as a cinematic urban soundscape infused with raw emotion.

Outlander star Joanne Thomson and Blazing Griffin producer Lauren Lamarr got involved and soon a whole crew of industry greats were on board to tell the story set amidst the Glasgow streets.

Lauren said: “When the opportunity arose to work with Blythe Duff, an absolute Scottish and Glaswegian legend whom I watched on my screens growing up as a woman surrounded by men, I was incredibly excited.

"I couldn’t have imagined that what started as a small passion project could turn out to be so fantastic with such an amazing cast and crew, including the incredible fellow producer Margarita Verberaite and our Blazing Griffin Post team."

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