The fan favourite on a reality show that charters the lives of Scotland's influencers will lay her challenging year bare for thousands of viewers.

Social media sensation Abbie Blyth, of the East End, won the hearts of viewers on the first series of BBC Scotland's The Agency: Unfiltered.

Now, as she gears up for the premiere of the second series, Abbie told the Glasgow Times why she decided to open up about her rocky run.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The 28-year-old said: "The first season was really good for me and I got quite a positive response.

"We announced my clothing brand BLY and it got a lot of following based off the show."

Praised for coming across as "normal", fans were invited to watch BLY develop with Abbie's mum helping her build her first business.

But things took a turn less than a year later and Abbie revealed she was targeted by cybercriminals.

Glasgow Times:

"BLY got scammed," she revealed.

Audiences will need to tune into the reality show to see the fallout unfold, all while the Instagrammer was navigating a breakup.

She said: "Season one for me was airy fairy, nothing really went wrong - my life at that point was settled, I thought.

"Season two is a lot more personal, I show a lot more vulnerability with me in general and my business.

"I think people will be surprised because it's nothing I've ever spoken about.

"My friends and family will be hearing about things for the first time and I'm nervous because I think they will see a lot of sadness that they've never seen.

"I don't want anyone to feel bad, as if I was hiding things.

"But I think as the season goes on I'm hoping it makes sense to everyone why I didn't tell them at the time it was happening."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Peeling back the curtain on the uncanny valley world of influencers and Instagram selfies, Abbie exudes genuine warmth and charisma.

She is keen to share her experience with others in the hopes that they can relate.

Abbie said: "On the show, because I had conversations with really close friends, I was able to be a lot more honest and you do forget the cameras are there.

"I was in such a vulnerable place that I couldn't hide it and so I thought, I might as well just be honest.

"I'm looking forward to people relating, saying they've gone through the same things.

"Because at the time all of this happened, I felt so lonely.

"I felt like I had the world on my shoulders. No one around me was going through it so I was like, you don't understand how hard I find this or how much this is affecting me.

"When the show comes out that will be the one thing that I'll need the most: reassurance that other people have gone through the same wobbles."

Abbie wants people to know that despite the glam life she leads as an influencer she still sees herself as living a normal life.

She said: "I have had money struggles, relationships end and business struggles."

And for cynics who say having a blow dry, full makeup and a nice outfit to pose for social media is not a real job?

Pink-collar professions are often considered less respectable than other fields and influencing is not immune to scepticism.

Abbie said: "It is definitely harder than it seems and hopefully that comes across in the show.

"All of the girls in The Agency are very hardworking, all in their own ways."

The Agency: Unfiltered is back for series two on BBC Scotland and BBC iPlayer on January 8.