TV personalities, radio stars and public figures surprised celebrity PR Victoria Halliday for her 40th birthday in Glasgow.

The celebration, which was organised by Jean Johansson and presenter Adam Stewart, had a guest list of TV star Reece Donnelly, radio star Amber Zoe, and celebrity glam team Pamela Docherty, Kirsty Martin, and Linda Rainey.

The birthday party took place at Banca Di Roma at Royal Exchange Square.

A surprised Ms Halliday took to social media to express her gratitude.

Mr Donnelly said: "The Food was so nice and what a venue to celebrate the incredible Victoria".

Ms Zoe described the night on her social media as a "wonderful night for a wonderful friend."

She added: "A stunning setting for a stunning surprise."

Ms Johansson, who was working with BBC in London, flew in to join in the festivities.

She said: “A special dinner, in a special restaurant.”