A TV star has branded Glasgow a 'dump' in a scathing social media post. 

Taggart actor Colin McCredie took to Twitter to complain about the streets of the city, sharing a photo of the underpass at Gibson Street in the West End.

He wrote: "What a dump our City is becoming."

He then added below: "Makes me so sad and angry.

"I've been here over thirty years and it's never looked such a mess.

"It’s everywhere in the city. It needs cleaning, care and attention.

"Sauchiehall Street is a disaster now."


Other social media users appeared to agree with Colin, with one commenting: "A 7-mile walk around Glasgow yesterday: Broomhill Partick, Finneston Park, Woodlands, Hillhead, Dowanhill, Hyndland.

"Overflowing bins everywhere burst rubbish bags at various points... pavements covered in all sorts.

"An overall feeling of grime and uncleanliness."

Another wrote: "I was in Glasgow for the first time in September. Mostly the West End and Merchant City. I found the city to be lovely but I wouldn’t say it’s the cleanest city I’ve been in. Sauchiehall & the area by the train station were particularly scuzzy."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Glasgow continues to have Scotland’s largest street cleansing operation and spends more per head of population on street cleansing than almost every other local authority in the country.

“We continue to deploy available resources as efficiently and as effectively as possible and frontline environmental services remain a key priority for the council.

“Thanks to recent recruitment and the introduction of deep clean teams, we now have 470 staff working routinely to remove waste from public spaces all across Glasgow.

“The people of Glasgow have a crucial role in the maintenance of the city and the vast majority of people act responsibly.

“But a minority of people unfortunately drop litter every three seconds in Glasgow, fly-tip waste and damage our shared environment.

“We prioritise the removal of offensive graffiti but private property owners are responsible for removing graffiti from their property.

“Major work to improve the visitor experience on Sauchiehall Street is due to finish this summer and other plans are being developed to help regenerate the area.”