A talented teenager has told of her excitement as she prepares to make her TV debut in the reboot of a well-known Scottish drama.

Tiana Bainbridge, from Clydebank, will feature in the brand new series of Rebus which officially launches on BBC Scotland on Friday, May 17.

The 15-year-old, who has been acting since she started primary school, told the Glasgow Times she was “jumping with joy” when she heard that she had landed a role in the show.

Tiana said: “My mum phoned me to say I’d got the role. I was at a rehearsal and I was just jumping with joy, I was so happy.

“I remember driving to the shooting location and I was so excited seeing all the cameras and finding out I had my own trailer.

“It was very exciting, I felt like a celebrity.”

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Glasgow Times:

Rebus, a detective drama based on Scottish writer Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novels, was first adapted into a series for ITV in 2000.

The latest series sees the lead, played by Outlander star Richard Rankin, reimagined as a younger detective sergeant.

Glasgow Times: Tiana on stageTiana on stage (Image: Christina Bainbridge)Tiana, who is a student at Inter Performing Arts School in Glasgow, is set to appear in a supporting role to one of the characters.

The St Peter the Apostle pupil explained that filming for TV was completely new territory for her and reflected on how she first got into acting.

She added: “It was completely different to performing on a stage but I really enjoyed it.

"I’m quite excited for the show to air because none of my friends know about it. I’ve always been on stage so it’ll be a really different experience to see me on TV.

"My mum got me started in acting and singing. She’s an amazing singer and I used to hear her singing about the house all the time and I’d join in.

"I remember she took me to see Snow White when I was really young and I remember being so mesmerised like ‘This is what I want to do’.

“The first time I got on stage I just knew I wanted to entertain. I love it, it’s my favourite thing.”

Tiana is a huge fan of musical theatre and has previously starred in a production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the King's Theatre.

She also played a main role in Celtic FC’s 2019 Christmas advert.

Proud mum Christina said “There’s no stopping” the driven teenager once she gets an idea in her head.

She added: “When Tiana landed this role it was totally new for her and it was her first time on a TV set. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

“As soon as she found out about it I didn’t even need to ask her if she wanted to do it. I knew what her answer would be.

“She was totally inspired by the experience, she got to meet directors and talk to people in the industry, and it just made her even more determined.

“Once she finishes high school she’ll work towards going to college or university for acting or singing.

"She’s incredibly driven so once she gets an idea in her head she gives it 125 per cent.

“There’s no stopping her, she always finds a way. Like they say ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’.”

Rebus will officially air on BBC Scotland at 10pm on Friday, May 17. All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.