WHEN I got back to Tec Towers the Moll was in the mood for food.

“Where would you like to go?” I asked. “City Centre? West End?” 

“No. Too busy.”

“Out of town? Country pub? I offered.

“No. Too quiet.”

“Alright, Goldilocks” I said, “I have just the place.”

So off we headed to Wee Lochan on Crow Road in the Broomhill part of town.

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Immediately we walked in the door, we were greeted by friendly waiting staff and shown to our table. A good early sign.

We sat down and the place was busy. On a midweek evening, another good sign.

Despite it being busy, we didn’t need to wait too long for our orders to be taken or for the food to arrive. We were liking this place, a lot.

For the starter the Moll had the hay smoked salmon terrine which arrived in a little pot, pretty as a picture.

And it didn’t just look good. Once the little pot was emptied of its pretty contents she said: “That was one of those dishes you could just keep on eating.”

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I had the Cullen skink, which was flavoursome with plenty of little fishy chunks but still light and creamy. It was a winner.

For the main course the lady was drawn to the asparagus tartlet. Again the presentation was classy.

The taste was up to scratch as well, if perhaps a little bit rich but still overall it was top notch.

I had the rump steak, served with chips and rocket salad and a green peppercorn sauce.

The steak was served pink, and it was a lovely texture. 

The peppercorn sauce on this occasion was maybe a little too rich for some palates and may have been better served on the side, but it certainly did not take away from the enjoyment of the steak.

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The chips were chunky and golden and the potato very fluffy. 

For dessert we shared a panna cotta with rhubarb compote, berries and sable biscuits. (Which I am reliably informed is pronounced like Michael Buble, not Betty Grable.)

It came on a rectangular slate. It was such a work of art I immediately began humming the gallery tune from Take Hart. I didn’t want to eat it, I wanted to take it home and hang it on the wall.

But it might have melted, so we ate it instead. It was a good choice. The sharp rhubarb and the creamy panna cotta were made for each other, like Tec and the Moll or peaches and cream, except it’s rhubarb and panna cotta.

From start to finish, Wee Lochan was an excellent dining experience and not too pricey either for the standard of food.

Potted hay smoked salmon terrine 
Cullen skink

Tartlet of asparagus and gruyere
Rump steak (£5 supplement)

Vanilla panna cotta

Two courses £16.95   
Three courses £19.95

Chenin blanc 175ml x2 £11
Cabernet sauvignon 
175ml x2 £10.90

Total £63.80