FOR anyone who lives in Glasgow, they’ll know what I mean when I say that it’s hard to resist a late-night Paesano. The fridge is empty, the rain is pouring, and the pizza is calling your name.

Paesano can satisfy many a craving, so after a hard day at work and uni, myself and the other half found ourselves fancying one.

I say found ourselves, because while we were looking for some takeaway goodness, we realised Paesano doesn’t deliver.

I live in town, so I’m lucky that I can just pop along but that is my first bugbear about Paesano.

The Mitchell Street Paesano has an outdoor lamp to keep people who are waiting for a takeaway warm (which is basically all the time), but this is only because the waiting area is so crowded with people waiting on tables, and you are crammed in like a sardine waiting on some nice tomatoey, cheesey goodness. This actually puts me off getting a takeaway from there, but I was outnumbered.

We got a sweet little 4 and 7 from Paesano, but once we got along the rain-battered and wind-howling road, it was lukewarm.

The inside of the pizza is classically more watery, which is fine when placed in front of you all golden and gooey, but not as nice in a cardboard box. The toppings looked a bit spare too, probably because it’s chucked on so fast.

Another gripe is that you cannot order sides to go – well, you probably can, but how can you eat a burrata from a cardboard box? Would that warrant the bother? I’m a massive burrata fan (and Paesano, as well as Sugo, do a brilliant burrata and the tomatoes are like red little jewels waiting

to be gubbed) so it would probably be worth it but, alas, not this time.

So my gripes are over. Paesano does a great takeaway pizza. Yes, it’s saucy and lukewarm and yes, missing the legendary sides and beer which make your Paesano experience – but where else can you get a decent pizza for under a tenner? I’ll tell you – nowhere.

Domino’s costs a small fortune and for a little journo like me, taking my girlfriend out for a night on the tiles (well, we walked across them for a night on the couch encased in a carb coma) you are out of your mind to go anywhere else.

Good ingredients always lend themselves to good tastes, and nothing tastes better than how money-savvy feels.