Members of the Glasgow Gurdwara have raised funds to buy and donate 550 fleece blankets to homeless people across Glasgow.

Manjit Kaur Jheeta, 65 from Pollokshields, said the blankets were purchased with money raised by children who attend the Gurdwara as part of Guru Nanek's 550th anniversary celebrations.

This week they donated 100 blankets to Glasgow Starter Packs.

Manjit said: "The decision to donate the blankets was to promote the message of Guru Nanek's working hard and sharing.

"We wanted to keep the celebrations going all year rather than just keep them to one month as it it a big celebration for Sikh people.

"Children from the Gurdwara were encouraged by their parents to do chores and raise up to £5, to learn the importance of working.

"That money was then used to purchase 550 blankets, and since then December we have given them to homeless people around Glasgow. It has been such a cold snap recently.

"This week we donated 100 to Starter Packs in Glasgow. It is so important that the children have been able to see what it means to work and share."