IT MAY be hard to believe, but it's been about two decades since the first time the airwaves were gifted Wales's biggest - and perhaps, only - rap classic.

Coming straight out of Newport , Goldlie Lookin' Chain (GLC) are headed to Llandudno this November to celebrate this milestone.

Known for the classic Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do , the South Wales hip hop posse started at the turn of the millennium almost by accident, born from an impromptu rap about his tracksuit.

Fuelled by alcohol they all took to the mic and The GLC’s first album Don’t Blame the Chain was born, and so it began, the journey which has so far seen The GLC rise to the top of the charts, perform around the world.

Now many years since that first rap about Eggsy’s tracksuit, the boys are still keeping it real in the rap game and hold the title of the most successful UK rap act ever.

A spokesperson for the group said: "It's the tour the GLC have been counting down to for 20 years. Adam Hussain, Eggsy, Rhys from GLC, Mike Balls, Graham the Bear, Billy Webb, DJ Killer Tomato, Leeroy Fashions and a cast of part time members are going back on tour - and this time it's big.

"GLC have been on tour before, one just to pay the tax man, then there was one to pay off Newport's Mr Big, but GLC have always been dreaming of the 20th anniversary tour and finally they have made it!

"So, It's time to buy a new tracksuit and dust off your gold chain. With high cholesterol and heart conditions the GLC have never been more ready to tour!"

For a truly bizarre evening of noughties nostalgia, join GLC at Venue Cymru on Thursday, November 26 at 7pm.

Tickets are £19, to book visit or call the box office on 01492 872000.