Actress and writer Mollie Weir was a performer with real pedigree.

The Springburn-born star, the sister of outdoor enthusiast Tom Weir, began her writing career penning articles for the Evening Times when she was just 15.

A career in amateur dramatics followed before she found national fame on the wartime radio show ITMA.

She made her film debut in 1949, and had a regular role as the housekeeper, Aggie McDonald, in the early television sitcom, Life With The Lyons.

In the 1980s, she lampooned her couthy image in the comedy series Victoria Wood As Seen On TV and appeared in a pop video for the Bluebells 1983 hit Young At Heart.

Molly, who was our Scotswoman of the Year in 2000 and also starred in the kids' TV show Rentaghost, died, aged 94, in 2004.

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