THERE will be people all over Glasgow and further afield who will look at this picture and smile ... because it will bring back fond memories of their dancing days at the city's famous Locarno Ballroom.

Every night, but particularly at weekends, couples would sway around the floor, while single men and women would be looking for a partner,

with the inevitable dance coversation: Are ye dancing? Are ye asking? I'm asking.

I'm dancing.

The Locarno in Sauchiehall Street opened in 1926 and was named after the town in Switzerland.

This picture was taken in May 1962, just as it was announced the ballroom was to be closed, revamped and refurbished.

The cost was £150,000, which would be the equivalent of several millions today. A new and bigger dance floor was created, as was a new low level bandstand while four staircases led to the dance floor.

It reopened on September 28 with star guests Margo Bryant (Minnie Caldwell from Coronation Street), Stanley Baxter, Rikki Fulton, Jack Radcliffe and Elizabeth Burns, that year's Miss Scotland.